Ivento 3in1 Baby Pram

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  • IVE-01 White Style
  • IVE-02 Black Style
  • IVE-03 Pastel Grass
  • IVE-04 Delicate Flowers
  • IVE-05 Colors Impresion
  • IVE-06 Dove Grey
  • IVE-07 Black Pearl
  • IVE-08 White Pearl
  • IVE-09 Deep Graphite
  • IVE-10 Caramel Macchiato
  • IVE-11 Smoky Pink
  • IVE-12 Deep Black
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Car seat
  • Carlo
  • Trix
  • Kent


The photos presented on the website are for illustrative purposes only. The color of the upholstery of the products may slightly differ from the one presented in the picture.


Modernity, safety and elegance

Ivento, the latest model of the Kunert brand, combines modern solutions. It was created with comfort in mind.It has an elegant design that makes this model attractive.

Modern design and functional solutions

Meet the unique Ivento model, in an exclusive version that meets safety and functionality standards.

Absolute perfection

The multifunctional, modern and exclusive Ivento stroller is characterized by an original design. It has perfect workmanship and rich equipment.

Discover the advantages of the latest Ivento model

and check how unique it is!


3D gondola with a modernist shape, which has a unique distinctive design among other carts

Gold or graphite emblem that gives the stroller elegance

The handle is made of a material with a carbon structure, making the appearance more luxurious

Light and very compact stroller frame, folds down to a small size

An additional mattress in the stroller,

providing comfort for the child

The ergonomic mattress and the interior of the carrycot are made of soft bamboo material

Accessories for the Ivento stroller

Safety bar

The safety strap will not allow you to let the stroller out of your hand at the moment of distraction, which ensures the safety of the child while walking. Thanks to the fact that the strap attached to the handle of the stroller wraps around the wrist, there is no chance that, when released from the hand, it will uncontrollably slide down the hill or enter the pedestrian crossing.

Large and fashionable bag 
for children's accessories

In the new Ivento bag you can really fit all the necessary children's accessories, and thanks to the fashionable and unique look, every mother looks even better.

Baby changing table

Practical and comfortable baby changing table, you can always take it with you.

Bottle thermos

Food will stay warm longer, the thermos is extremely light and, after removing the bottle, can be folded and stored anywhere. The inside is made of thermal insulation foil, which prevents the drinks from cooling down quickly.

Drink holder

During the walk, you can store a drink in a safe place for your child or yourself.

Practical pocket in the basket
for mosquito net and rain cover

Whenever you need them, they will be available at your fingertips.

Stroller mattress

Your child will have double cushioning and softness, In addition, the mattress can be easily removed and wash and your stroller will look like new for longer.

 Bamboo mattress to the gondola

Comfortable, high-quality, double-sided bamboo mattress, made of certified materials, ensures the safety of your child. The mattress has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-allergic properties. It is breathable, soft and pleasant to the touch. Made of polyurethane foam, which is trimmed with bamboo fabric on both sides.

Create your own composition

Do you dream of a unique stroller for your child?

In our company, you can choose the color of the upholstery and the pram frame yourself, what's more, you can compose your own set. You can choose from a gondola, a 2-in-1 stroller or a 3-in-1 stroller. Regardless of which option you choose, accessories are included for free.

Choose the color of the upholstery

Elegance collection

IVE-01 White Style
IVE-02 Black Style

Prints collection

IVE-03 Pastel Grass
IVE-04 Delicate Flowers
IVE-05 Colors Impresion

Eco Leather collection

IVE-06 Eco Dove Grey
IVE-07 Eco Black Pearl
IVE-08 Eco White Pearl

Plain collection

IVE-09 Deep Graphite
IVE-10 Caramel Macchiato
IVE-11 Smoky Pink
IVE-12 Deep Black

Choose a frame color

Golden frame
Black frame

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Product information

950 mm
590 mm
1220 mm
13,2 kg
950 mm
590 mm
1150 mm
12,05 kg


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