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EXCLUSIVE children's sleeping bag

The EXCLUSIVE sleeping bag was created with your child's comfort and safety in mind.

The dimensions of the sleeping bag - 95 cm x 43 cm - provide the baby with freedom of movement, and at the same time fit most strollers and strollers available on the market, including for Kunert strollers.

Universal and multifunctional

  • The number and arrangement of mounting holes allows the sleeping bag to be installed in Kunert strollers and most strollers offered on the market (both gondolas and strollers).
  • The sleeping bag can be used with a sled, it will protect your child from frost and wind and allow him or her to enjoy winter walks.
  • It is equipped with two separate zippers that can be completely unzipped and thus the top part of the sleeping bag can be removed. This way we obtain a soft mattress or quilt.

High-quality materials

The materials from which the sleeping bag is made are completely safe for your child's health. The external part is resistant to unfavorable weather conditions and UV radiation. Protects against snow, wind, low temperatures and winter sun.

The inside is lined with soft, warm fleece. We have also added additional filling, which makes the sleeping bag keep warm even better.

  • Fabrics resistant to snow, wind and low temperatures.
  • Protection against harmful UV rays
  • The inside of the sleeping bag is lined with a soft and warm material
  • Insulated with additional filling

Protection against unfavorable weather

In addition to the materials used, the sleeping bag also has other features that will protect your child from the cold.

  • The practical drawstring makes the sleeping bag fit better to the body
  • The functional canopy protects the child's head and its structure prevents it from slipping. The canopy can also be folded down so that it does not disturb the baby, e.g. while sleeping.