Car seat Trix

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The TRIX car seat is intended for children from 0 to 13 kg (group 0). It complies with the strict ECE R44/04 standard. It can be used on the front and rear passenger seats (if not equipped with airbags), but it is important that it is always mounted rear-facing.

The most important information

Safe and lightweight

The TRIX car seat weighs only 3.5 kg. It is light and handy, but at the same time it ensures the child's safety during travel. The advanced side protection system used in the seat greatly absorbs the force of a potential impact.

Additional insert

The TRIX seat comes with an insert that covers the entire seat of the seat, and its soft interior ensures traveling comfort and absorbs unpleasant vibrations. At the top, the insert is equipped with additional fillings that adapt to the child's head, thus protecting it against falling and dangerous injuries.

Comfortable and safe fastening of seat belts

You can securely fasten your baby in the seat using adjustable, three-point belts. You can also set the position of the harness and adjust it to the child's height. Protectors on the belts protect against backrests and provide even better stabilization.

Convenient to carry

The Trix car seat has a detachable hood that protects against solar radiation. It is equipped with an adjustable handle that makes carrying the seat easier.